Hello everyone and welcome to Jo’s Fitness blog! The purpose of this blog (and my life) is to help people reach their goals, whether those goals be to lose weight, build muscle, or just to eat healthier and feel healthier.
So, a little bit about your favorite health blogger ❤ .

I am 20 years old at the time of this post, and my birthday is June 27. I discovered that I had a passion for helping people become healthier at a very early age. My mother was the supervisor and a teacher at a weight-loss boarding school for kids. Meeting the kids, hearing their stories and watching their struggles made me realize that I wanted nothing more than to help someone become a happier, healthier version of themselves.

I’m a personal trainer, and I aspire to become a dietician as well. I believe in clean-eating and watching the chemicals in the food you eat, but I also believe in the occasional treat! Life is about balance, and tipping too far to either side is unhealthy whether its dramatically unhealthy or radically healthy. I’m a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a best friend, and a human. I eat my cheerios, milk-less and one-by-one like a baby. I grew up on a horse ranch and have a major soft spot for baby animals. My sweet tooth is sensitive for Pan Dulce and ice cream. I love reading and crochet!

What do you have to look forward to on this blog? Recipes! Exercises! Healthy living advice! Motivation! I plan to feature Weekly Workouts, Monday Motivations, Monthly desserts, and lots of healthy recipes!

Stick with me as this blog starts up, you never know where it might take us 🙂 You will never be judged, or shamed, but instead offered a helping hand.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! I will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability.

Signing off for now! Keep healthy thoughts!